Dark night

Dark night or long night deponds on your strideAt midnight, thought goes flows along with high tide, keeping the reality asidehence there’s saying early to bed and early to rise so that you can sleep well before midnight and dream about fairy tales and wake up fine

Time and Life retreats

few moments are likely,few unlikely, enjoy both likely or unlikely both lightly, because only few can withstand everything wisely

Beautiful never needs to shed her clothes to gain followers

Her co-mates and her family thinks, She is cute, Ironically in reality she gained followers for posting nudes That’s why Sasta gram has no weight, even if we collectively weigh the weight of clothes girls are wearing in different posts these days,that will be less than 100 gms Humanity and Beauty,never need nudidity

Sin Ti No Peudo

“Its been long day without you”then I watched“Sin Ti No Peudo”that didn’t get me any clue Then I watched,clause 6 and sexlife on Netflix which clearly depicts that some women don’t wanna remain fix,they just wanna switch Thereafter I silently went to bed keeping all desires on the rest,to have a nice sleep as lifeContinue reading “Sin Ti No Peudo”

Wait for the time to spin

Never step backelse, you get closer to defeatNever loose your hopeand stay wherever you are , time takes time to spin and makes you winonce defeated,you can only be ill treated Wait till your last breath,and live willingly till the time you are not dead

Learn to live

i learnt to livewhen l,learned to die I learnt to livewhen I escaped,from the fake smiles I learnt to livewhen I had no choice I learnt to livewhen I managed to strive I learnt to livewhen I had no place to hide I Learnt to livewhen my own, enjoys my pain No issue,I learnt toContinue reading “Learn to live”

     Speak to Yourself

when I speak to selfthere comes lot of painwhen I speak to selfI could feel touching every veinwhen I speak to selfI relish forgettingevery loss or gainwhen I speak to selfI find myself leaving out the negative frameWhen I speak to selfthat is trully me ,withoutany lust and full of trust.Speak to yourself everyday, irrespectiveContinue reading ”     Speak to Yourself”