“The down memory Lane”

There were many
who made me Insane

There were many
who had given me
so much of Pain

There were many
who helped me, long way

There were many
in particular
to be blamed

There were many
I loved to hate

There were many
All this because
I hardly have
my own taste
thats why I loved
to choose their plate

“Time Changed’

There is no body
as on date
I have decided
live on my own fate

There’s no scope now
of getting me
Check mate

This Blog is for those who still believe in Rat race


“Whispered in silent Happiness”

This is the way I try to decode wish.What is a wish? and does it comes True?✔️

When we wish we are in deep silence within for those particular second when we are making a wish.It could be in temple or it could be anywhere ?
Maybe , Maybe not.

Now whenever you make a wish you are happy from within now many will say many wish for good health , for curing someone soon before God ,how it could be done with happy vibes.yes you’re absolutely true there’s no happiness involved at that particular moment infact we are pleading before ths God for someone’s Good health or to make someone the richest person on the earth.

There’s comes the distinction between wishing and pleading.And a vast thick line among two.

As per my own experiences wish is something that you can speak to yourself in freetime, talking to your soul,what you would wanna be and what kind of lifestyle or whatever things you can think off in deep Silence.You must have noticed that particular moment you have a very small smile oozing out of thinking something.Now according to me that’s the best movement of the day or month or.. ..

Basically you have generated positive energy within yourself to make yourself happy for that particular moment and saved the positive vibes for the later half when that particular day, when you thought of something is happening before you.

So do wishes comes true?I will still say No. Yet yes it is just the scheduler of postive vibes which you have set for yourself to attain your Goal and Happiness.

Thanks a lot,if you have different opinions,do comment.

Lock Down again?

I have been made lethargic or else I have become lethargic.

Yes its a different question to answer these particular years during the lock down.Actually we used to be afraid of deadlock and now this term has become more serious lock down.

We were coming back to routine almost after a year , job, gym and getting used to daily lifestyles again but what?
Lock down again.

Actually some one termed chrona pandemic as equivalent as world war.This war is within ourselves , we wanna do yet you can’t do.

This was bound to happen, play with Nature,Nature will bring you back to teach the basics

I am bit more worried about students as my son is in 12th standard and how he study’s and what he study these days only God knows.This chotona will leave a great impact on the career of students who had already said goodbye this year or those who will say goodbye to school in coming year.

Plan B-Online classes Digital teaching with digital notes , Rough work done this year

No studies , No Guidance nothing It’s either closed or postponed.

There must come Plan C in action because so far Plan A ( Regular) and Plan B(online classes) both have failed fully because children has not gained anything and they are actually not being geared up for the coming onslaught

Good luck 🤞 for the bright future ahead

“When in Pain”

when in pain
Y do v do the same mistake

When in pain
you try to reach out to those nowhere near the frame

When in pain,mind makes you a fool, n you take the entire blame

When in Pain
We go insane

When in Pain,many other options go waste, because you actually dont want to change

When in Pain
Lets change the Game

When in pain,Oh God!
Tell me where to file the claim,so that you will not be selective again n again ,doing the same

Top – up

A very commonly used term or verb when resources are finished or about to be.

Top- up is like a tangent it just touch and go still it helps a lot for very short duration among different verticals like mobile top up , virtual walet or loan top up for financial needs.

Unfortunately, its all the virtual Top – up , because I was trying to find a different Top – up but failed ultimately.

Actually after covid vaccination , l was so unwell and like in world of imagination , I was thinking of health Top – up.
let’s be virtual only because in reality you will start raising eyes on me.

Idea of this blog is that natural things have their own course of span and action and you have to bear all the pain and gain as well.hence there is no Top-up for the real scenario where you can add or subtract as per your wish but you have to only adapt to it.

Skilled and Unskilled , # both are Human

Unskilled labour

Skilled labour or skilled task earn more but the hardfact is that skilled and unskilled labour more likely is dependent on each other.

Now many examples to this ,one of such classic case is the labour building the Houses ,the unskilled and unprofessional labour yet they are so commited to do their job and turn the things around.

Ironically, skilled labour live in the houses with peace and harmony,build by so called unskilled labour

This unskilled labour move from one place to another , live in houses till the time building is under construction then they are sent back to live on roads till the time next construction comes up

Purpose of this blog is just to pass on the simple message we must respect unskilled labour also,as we all are humans

“When I was a Child”

# Child vs Wild

When I was a child that
Was really the pleasure time

When I was child
Everything was fine
Because even the unkind
Was kind,coz to understand it
I didn’t have that much mind

When I was a child there was nothing weild or wild because decades ago we all live with positive vibes

When I was a child
I study, play and even sometimes fight
But yet was able to sleep throughout night

When I was a child cried a lot
But that wasn’t ever from the deeper inside

When I was child I could change my plight because I had a greater insight

Things got changed I am no longer a child I live with dilenma the other person , I am taking to is Good or Wild

I am no longer a child when it comes to me(ego) even though sometimes I am wrong yet I raise the bar to prove me right

I am no longer a child it seems I lost all my insights that’s why now going through Sleepless nights.

If there is a God

If there’s God,

poor will never live , like a dog

If there’s God,

pandemic won’t hit across so
many slots

If these is God

There wont be so many frauds

If there’s God,

happiness and prosperity wouldn’t be biased

If there’s God,

To worhip him daily,that
would not have been taught

If there’s God,

world would be full of trust, inplace of mere Lust.

If there’s God,

There would be his testimony to make human live peace n harmony


well before I start getting bashing for this blog
let me clear my thought
No matter he exists or not
atleast you don’t loose your plot

Adaptibilty Issues in Heaven

Don’t fit me there

Which is not my trait

Why do you wish or urge to enter into heaven after death.

Maybe as per mythology heaven have all the facilities available which we have not enjoyed in real life.

Ok fine, Very well, point taken, even though body is gone, your identity is gone and the soul which no body has seen ,can only be felt , for that soul we always try to make a deal with God, please rest this soul in heaven.

(Disclaimer: There’s no intention to compare hell n heaven, writing this because of people facing so many issues in their life and actually they are accustomed to hell)

But,There will be great adabpatibility issues for those souls who had gone through only problems and pain,how could they adapt to such a gain

Infact soul that , throughout the life, punished, cried
and died a lot
how could heaven
now ,change its plot

A soul accustomed
to pain,has already lost its vein,Oh God! , Now ,how could adjust the frame.

Oh God! once again I don’t want to be among the unkind kind,
Because now I am not blind.

Don’t know heaven or hell
what I have seen, that could easily gel me in hell.